Influential Women: DANI KENNEY

Introducing our new blog series... Found & Friends // Influential Women. Up first we have Dani Kenney, one of our very first 'new' vendors after our shop re-launch last September. Dani has been both a great friend and a great role model- often using her gentle guidance and wisdom to help me navigate some of my most trying (and by trying, I mean drama filled) moments as a new biz owner. Read along and get to know Dani a little better, I know you'll love her just as I do. 

Dani started her company, Dani Kenney, after becoming pregnant and realizing there was a gap for safe, yet beautiful skincare for motherhood and beyond. Having left her job as a private chef to start a family, Dani realized this was the perfect opportunity to utilize her culinary wisdom and background in holistic cooking to create amazing products for women and children. Dani was born and raised in California, and her husband is from Maine. She currently resides with him and their son Lars, in Fort Myers, Florida. She dreams of moving back to the mountains someday and building a homestead and living on the land.

It’s Sunday morning, what are you doing? Going to the farmers market with my husband and our son, then making a big vat of green juice for the week, then relaxing and playing and heading to my sister-in-law's for family dinner.

Go-to record? Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.

Favorite designers? Dôen, Jesse Kamm, Rachel Comey, Black Crane and I'm a vintage junkie.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning, herbal tea in the evening. And sometimes I love a good chai latte instead of my coffee when I'm on the go.

Style Icons? Anita Pallenberg, Jane Birkin, Debbie Harry, Lauren Hutton, Ali McGraw, Joni Mitchell, ... And I love rock n' roll guy style from the 60s through 80s. I love a mixture of masculine and feminine. I also draw style inspiration from films. I love vintage and history, so my style is very much drawn from the past, but I also love modern creativity, so I tend to pick pieces or outfits that pull from both past and present.

Women you admire? Other women creatives and entrepreneurs, especially mothers. Keri is one of them! (AW SHUCKS!)

Favorite 3 items at Found? I love all of their vintage, especially my vintage coveralls I got from Found, their adorable baby clothes, especially Nico Nico, and can I say my line!? ;)

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Let go. And don't rush.

In what ways do you “give back”? I try to donate to non-profit organizations whenever possible, I try to make products that are healthy for people and for the planet, I try to be a good person every day, I try to donate stuff instead of throwing it away, I try to be kind and I try to raise a kid who will be a good human to others and to this world.

What is your absolute favorite part of your role at Dani Kenney Co? Designing the products.... coming up with a product idea and then brainstorming what will be in it and then creating a name for it. I love the creation part the most, when the idea is born. There is an inspiration behind the scenting and blending of ingredients that comes to me in a way that is almost like channeling. And it gets me really excited.

We hope you find Dani as rad as we do- you can find her here on instagram. Until next time, have fun browsing her wares in our shop!