I have been a fan and a customer of Lindsay's wonderfully curated online children's boutique, Darling Clementine since about 2014, but thats not really why you're 'here.' Yes, Lindsay's children's shop is wildly successful, one of the "originals" if you were to ask me, but Lindsay is so much more than children's boutique guru. She is an inspiration, plain and simple. Its easy to avoid speaking out during the highs and lows of our political climate for fear of lost business or social media followers, but her 'fuck that shit' approach not only speaks out- but screams out.

Its January 2017.. I was desperately trying to find a place to help channel the wide range of emotions we as a family were experiencing after this last election. Insert the force that is Lindsay Meyer-Harley. Her first @_stillwerise community auction brought in 16k, and gave us a place to participate and get involved with likeminded women, brands, shops, humans. Her 2nd auction begins June 20 - June 27 over on the Still We Rise IG page-  with 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Planned Parenthood and/or The NRDC. 

Heres our little Q+A with Lindsay, enjoy!

It’s Sunday morning, what are you doing?

Taking a nice long shower while Kevin and the kids prepare buttermilk pancakes, our Sunday tradition. We have been making them for years, recipe via Smitten Kitchen. Coffee, cartoons and pancakes, what's better than this?

Go-to record?

Lately we've been listening to a lot of Otis Redding, and I'll forever play David Gray on repeat.

Favorite designers?

I've been living in Doen lately, mixed in with lots of Madewell Denim, Nico Nico and Ace&Jig

Coffee or Tea?

Iced Coffee

Style Icons?

Caroline Maigret, come to think of it, all French women.

Women you admire?

Oh my gosh, there are too many to name. I believe there is something to be admired in all women, when you listen, you hear strength and selflessness. That is so profound to me, it's the link between us all, our hutzpah to push forward, in business, at home, in life, everywhere. I admire women in business who support other women, who don't think of them as competition, but as peers to lift up. Let's all succeed.

Favorite 3 items at Found?

The Nude Label Bodysuits, Nico Nico Island Kimonos and the Half Moon Quilt

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Take care of yourself. It's ok to need time away from your work, kids, husband for example. To need alone time, or time with friends. We are full rounded human beings and all sides need attention. As a Mother I'm 100% on at all times, which can be extremely straining at times, learning to steal moments of peace is important, knowing your partner will step up and trusting that has helped me find some inner peace.

In what ways do you “give back”?

I think it's our responsibility to not only donate to causes that we believe in (women's health, civil liberties etc.) but to spend our hard earned dollars with business that do the same, the silver lining to the horror of the 2016 election season and now administration is seeing what brands and designers step up and speak up for what they believe in, supporting brands that are doing good in this world has become my way of shopping. I organized an ACLU auction a month ago, @_stillwerise and you can check in there for dozens of designers and brands who are doing good things by donating portions of sales, etc. Darling Clementine has participated in a few auctions to support Standing Rock, ACLU and Planned Parenthood. I've been warned not to go political in my business, but I can't imagine keeping my mouth shut. This isn't political, it's basic human rights issues. I am planning another auction in the coming months and I am eager to get started on that.

What is your absolute favorite part of your role at Darling Clementine?

I love connecting with my customers and watching their little ones grow up. It's really amazing in this age of social media you can connect with customers in ways they never have before. It's so satisfying seeing the baby wrap you sold to a pregnant mama being used with a newborn, you feel connected to their lives and that personal touch is what I find to be the best part of having a small business. I have the time to connect in ways big box stores don't, I know customers by name and get excited for them when they expand their families and email me to let me know their littlest is now wearing hand me downs from older siblings that they bought from Darling Clementine years ago. Building that loyalty isn't just based on giveaways, seasonal sales and newsletters, it's about getting to know each other. 

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Make sure to follow her along to stay up to date on auction details and her everyday happenings <3